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Training Resources



The organization has an expert team and a pool of  resources to organize training on following issues:
a. Gender Sensitization
b. Adolescent Health Education
c. Menstrual Hygiene.
d. Water Safety
e. Prevention of Arsenic Pollution
f. Basics of Urban Solid Waste Management
g. Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS
h. Sexually Transmitted Infection syndromic management
i. Water Safety and Personal Hygiene
j. Develop Management Information System and Documentation
k. Preparation of Project Proposal including financial Planning.
l. Field Survey and research

The Modules developed by the Organization
1. “AIDS-O-Amra” (In Bengali)
2. “Gender Sensitization”
3. “ Personal Hygiene & Menstrual Hygiene” (In Bengali)
4. “Adolescent Health Education”

Information, Education & Communication Materials (IECs)

1. Audio cassettes on AIDS related songs
2. IECs on Prevention & Control of HIV/AIDS, TB, Thalasemia, Water Safety, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion.


Sample IEC materials developed by our team :