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This section is a library of some valuable publications of Naihati Prolife  that includes survey reports, project reports, situation analysis, etc that can be of valuable help to a student of social science.  The organizational details to be accessible in public domain (eg. annual reports ) are also available in this section.

Download Annual Report 2010 – 11

Download Annual Report 2011 – 12

Download Annual Report 2012 – 13

Download Annual Report 2013 – 14

Download Annual Report 2014 – 15

Download Annual Report 2016 – 17

Download KAPB Report of International Labour Oranization 

If you require a full version of the document, or if you require report of our other studies, or want to study reports of surveys conducted in different years please visit our office or call us over phone.

You may also write to us at secretary@naihatiprolife.in with your details.