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Through its experience in implementing IEC component in several programmes, Naihati ProLife has developed a resource pool of experts drawn from various fields of contributing to the development and execution of edutainment communication strategies. The activities conducted  are based on studies and rich field experience achieved by the organization during past implementations.

Even before the adoption of edutainment as a strategy by NACP III for raising awareness on HIV/AIDS issues, Naihati Prolife had been actively implementing and adopting edutainment to reach out to high risk behavioural groups. 


Some mile stone activities:

  • Through more than 230 performances among the commercial sex workers & truckers 32000 populations has been reached. This approach helps to increase the acceptance of the programme in the intervention areas and the health seeking attitude developed in the target population.
  • Sensitization of industrial workers regarding TB – HIV/AIDS. around 97  Community Based Performances have been conducted in the Barrackpore industrial area. Through this approach 15 industries have been covered.
  • The organization also received an opportunity to perform skits on Railway Platforms webbing the message on Railway Safety & Passengers’ Protection.
  • Adopting the participatory approach, Road Shows have been performed in the Barrackpore Municipality area to make the citizen aware about general health.
A package of planned interventions which combine informational, educational and motivational processes, as a component of a national programme. It aims at achieving measurable behaviour and attitude changes within specific audiences, based on a study of their needs and perceptionsOur expertise includes planning, scripting and execution of :

  • Street Plays (Nukkad Natak / Patha Natika)
  • Bratachari
  • Specialized Issue Specific Training Modules ( like training on menstrual hygiene )



  These services are available to other organizations who can share the expertise of Naihati Prolife.