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General Health


The organization conducts following activities on Health Issues


  • Builds mass Awareness on HIV/AIDS, STDs, Malaria, T.B. and Thalasamia.

The organization partnered with Barrackpore Municipality,Kamarhati Municipality, Goyeshpore Municipalityand North Barrackpore Municipality in programmes on these health issues.

  • Conducts health Education Programme for the Adolescents specially on menstrual hygiene
  • Organizes health Check up camp for the students of Primary school students and slum dwellers.
  • Organizes Mobile Medical Camp for the geriatric people( Old age people)
  • Develops and Promote effective IECs
  • Organizes awareness camps.
  • Health Check up camps for primary school students
  • Organizes Mobile Health Check up camp for the slum dwellers.
  • Prepares community friendly IECs / BCCs on public health issue for the beneficiaries.

 Mobile Campaign on Thalassaemia & Significance of Blood Donation:

An intensive campaigning was conducted on Thalassaemia within Barrackpore  municipal area during 3 days covering all 24 wards.

A tableau containing messages on cause and preventive measures of Thalassaemia was decked up – that  stopped at important locations like schools, hospitals, clubs market place etc. to interact with general people and assess the existing conception and perception about the disease.

Based on feedbacks small road side meetings were conducted to provide important vital information to eradicate the fear psychosis about the disease. The significance of Blood donation was promoted  and fear of the people regarding blood donation was also addressed.

The interactions revealed the reluctance, ignorance and perception of low risk among the citizen about Thalassaemia.


First-Aid Camps

 Naihati Prolife  regularly conducts First-Aid-Camp during festivals like Durga Puja, Kali Puja , Chat Puja. The organization is equipped with a group of trained volunteers to organize such camps.