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Community Health Interventions (HIV / AIDS)



Prevention and Control of HIV/STD Infection With Female Commercial Sex Workers (CSW) Community

Naihati Prolife is active n in the area HIV/AIDS intervention since June 1997 and working among commercial sex workers of Naihati Red Light Area. It has now extended to include CSWs of North 24 Parganas and Hooghly districts.  The beneficiaries includes the brothel based  as well as flying CSWs of Kalyani-Barrackpore Industrial belt and Ralway station area. The programme is technically and financially supported by National AIDS Control Organization. The programme has incorporated community driven intervention to raise awareness level within the community including peer education, to enable them  save themselves from HIV/AIDS.

The  initiative promotes practice of safe sex and use of condoms. Due to this effort, the brothel based sex workers are using condoms almost regularly and social marketing of condoms have increased. Instances of sexually transmitted diseases have decreased. Since last year a rescue cell have been developed by the CSWs to protect the community from social violence wchich is a root cause of spreading infection. The other services like Regular Medical checkup, VDRL screening, STI treatment, condom social marketing, counselling and referral services to ICTC for HIV screening  continued through our Drop In Centres for identifying cases of STD/HIV, helped in prevention and cure in all these fields successfully following the NACO guideline.



HIV/AIDS Intervention among Truckers

Since January 2004 this programme is being conducted among the truck drivers and mobile fish spawn traders community who carry risk of HIV/AIDS and various STDs as they are the potential client group of commercial sex workers. This project is implemented according to the strategies designed by National AIDS Control Programme (Phase-III). As the targeted intervention serves the mobile community, it has various innovative implementation methods like use of infotainments. The project also emphasizes on strong mass mobilization and stakeholder’s active participation to create a multilevel thrust on the community to change their attitude and practice. A Drop in centre have been developed at Dunlop Allam Bazar area from where the services are delivered to the community.


Observance of World AIDS Day

Every year Naihati Prolife observes World AIDS Day on 1st December. The focus of the programme is to create awareness in mass scale on HIV/AIDS  issues and geographically centred around project feed areas as it is necessary to develop a mass involvement in preventing the pandemic. Targeted Intervention project  undertook various activities throughout a span of one week before the celebration of the days at their project command area.

For Detailed Data Sheet, please visit our Annual Report (2011-12) here.