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Naihati Prolife started its journey since 1995 when a group of socio-culturally active and like minded citizens came together with  the  objective of  wellbeing for socially backward community.

The focus was on real-life problems, the aim was to help not only their own community but also those of the less fortunate ones. riding on the strength of their  strong commitment and the academic background of its members, initial steps were taken.Gradually the hard work and the expertise the members drew the attention of the society towards their noble cause.

Initially the tools such as drama or cultural programmes were used to spread awareness on various crisis of the socially marginalized community. Within very short time it was realized that awareness must be supported with some services deliverables especially on health issue that has direct impact on economic condition. The group of doctors, among the founders, provided free service as well as medicine to enhance the health standard of that backward population.

Next came up  important issues came like education and alternative vocation.

Presently, the Prolife family is has taken bigger strides and has been able to reach out to serve  a large numbers of the unfortunates to promote an equitable environment to establish peaceful co-existence.